Perfect Powder Rooms- Make Yours Dazzle With Easy Design

I admit it. I sometimes find choosing furnishings for my home stressful. When I’m making an investment in things like floor coverings, light fixtures and sofas—pieces I know I’ll be living ...
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Raise Your Glass- Tips for Collecting and Storing Wine

For some of us wine is simply a drink to enjoy at dinner parties; for others, wine is a way of life. There are also plenty of folks in between ...
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A Roof Over Your Head -Know the Latest in Roofing Options

Unlike Santa Claus who needs a solid roof only once a year to ensure a safe landing, homeowners depend upon their roofs every day as the first line of defense ...
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Charming Chairs -A Look At An Age-Old Favorite

Sacre bleu! I knew there had to be a reason that I am a bit of a Francophile. Along with champagne, Monet, Gerard Depardieu and wine bars, the French are ...
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Beautiful Bulbs Dig Now Plant Now for Spring Bouquet

As your colorful summer garden fades, you may think you’re finished pinching, pruning, digging and deadheading…but no! There’s no rest for the gardening weary. There’s just one more gardening project ...
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Dream Closets -Where Glamour Meets Organization

In movies, the closets are always filled with flawlessly folded sweaters, jewelry is nestled in velvet-lined cases, and Prada peep-toe pumps are perched neatly on shelves. Down here in the ...
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WILD ABOUT WALLPAPER Hot Trends in Cool Paper

Toss those stiff old paintbrushes and half-empty paint cans buried in your garage. Go ahead and do it now because you won’t need them this summer. Luxurious and vibrant wallpaper ...
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Opening Your Doors to Fun and Fundraising

Bad loans, bailouts, foreclosures, layoffs… reports of the grim state of our economy are front and center these days, and everyone is paying attention. While it’s distressing and uncertain, the ...
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