POMME D’AMOUR Why We Love The Love Apple

Did you know the tomato, that hard-working staple of culinary culture, was first known as the pomme d’amour—the love apple? It’s true, and who could blame early cultivators? These gorgeous fleshy fruits ...
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KEEP IT COOL Options For Shade From Summer Sun

“I’ll be waiting for you in the shade of the old apple tree,” wrote Harry Williams in the 1905 song that evokes images of a peaceful setting for relaxing, enjoying ...
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Home Office

By Ashley Blanchard The afternoon light is spilling through the window while I sip hot tea and check email from my white sofa—a luxurious oasis in a house with two ...
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Smart Homes

By Amy Coutee Certainly there are beautiful, warm and inviting homes all around us. But then there are homes so appealing and comfortable you find yourself unable to leave. Welcome ...
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Fragrance Garden

By Erin Parkhurst The smell of warm pine needles returns me to the Midwestern summers of my childhood and the unfettered joy of exploring the woods; the insistent sweetness of ...
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Designing Woman

By Jennifer L Prince Nancy Lewis, potter Many of us long for creativity in our everyday lives by fancying something that is both functional and beautiful. The pottery designed and ...
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Fanciful, Functional Coffee Tables

by Meridith Ingram “This is a story that must be told,” implored Cosmo Kramer to his friends on “Seinfeld,” the hit television show that embodied the zeitgeist of the 1990s ...
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Designing Spaces for Seniors in Your Home

By Jennifer L. Prince Expectant parents await their baby’s arrival with great anticipation and planning. They stock the dressers with tiny clothes, assemble cribs, and read the latest advice from ...
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