Hot Off the Grill | Make Mealtime Fun with the Latest Trends in Outdoor Cooking

Summer cookouts will never go out of style. Lounging on a patio soaking up the fresh air, sunshine and conversation with family and friends while catching a waft of the ...
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The Power and Perils of Power Washing

Transforming a tranquil garden hose stream into a high-velocity jet blasted through a spray wand at 30 to 80 times its normal pressure is exhilarating—especially when cleaning results are instant ...
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Creative Camo | How to Hide Unsightly But Necessary Objects

When it comes to spring cleaning, you may think of washing windows, cleaning out closets, dusting and decluttering. Outside, spring chores tend to focus on trimming shrubs or tidying up ...
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Creating Heirlooms | Caring for Your Wood Furniture

Despite endearing offenders like the sun, pets, and life’s everyday activities, you can minimize damage and maximize your wood furniture’s warmth and shine with a little elbow grease and TLC ...
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Seasonal Styling | Offer Guests a Year-Round Welcome to Your Front Porch

Like bears in their winter dens, many of us feel like hibernating in our cozy homes when the holiday season ends. But our front porches tell a different story. They ...
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Before You Call for Repairs…| 5 Common DIY Household Fixes

As the pandemic continued, social media feeds filled with images of home improvement: additions for at-home work (and escaping others); lavish decks and outdoor living areas; refreshed kitchens to accommodate ...
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Sharpen Your Image | Buying and Caring for Essential Kitchen Knives

From casual cooks to top chefs, they all know that knives are critical tools that make a kitchen. Trained chefs will even argue that you only need one excellent knife ...
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I’ll Drink to That | A Guide to Glassware for the Holidays and Beyond

Does your glassware collection need an update? In the market for a thoughtful gift? If you want to refresh your stock for upcoming gatherings, need some holiday gift inspo, or ...
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