Fireplace Fixes | Merge Form and Function With a Fireplace Update

The fireplace has always been a symbol of home and family in America, not only serving as a source of heat, but also a place to prepare food, read, play ...
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The Inside Scoop on Allergies | Breathe Easier at Home

The crisp fall air is a welcome sign to many of us, especially allergy sufferers who are ready for those pesky summer pollen makers to wind down production. But as ...
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Get Off My Lawn! | Outsmarting Deer

Bambi is cute in the Disney movie, but in your yard? Not so much. Nature has always kept animal populations in check, but the sprawl of the suburban environment has ...
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Easy, Breezy | Keep Cool with an Updated Ceiling Fan

Small upgrades make a big difference when redecorating your home. A fresh paint color, updated kitchen hardware, even a new rug can breathe life into an otherwise tired space. Ceiling ...
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Park It Right Here | Make Room for All Your Garage Items

Garages do us a great service by protecting our vehicles and our own bodies from the weather, but sometimes they become more of a catch-all than a place to park ...
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Daily Routines | For an Organized Clean

The very thought of cleaning your entire house in a single day is overwhelming. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping, only to have your family (or pets!) come along and create a ...
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Cutting the Cord | Watch Your Favorite Shows Without Cable

In the beginning, “cutting the cord” literally referred to cutting the umbilical cord that connects a newborn to its mother. Later, the phrase was used colloquially to mean severing financial ...
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Caring for Winter Textiles | Laundry Tips for Items that Keep Us Toasty

My high school years were spent in Ohio where my family lived in an old, drafty house. If I ever complained about being cold, I was told to “put another ...
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