African Violets | Brighten Up Your Winter Windowsills

African violets are hip again. Once maligned as a dull, old-fashioned plant, these tropical beauties have renewed status as a trendy houseplant. This isn’t your grandmother’s plant; there are new ...
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The Internet for Gardeners | Another Tool in Your Gardening Toolkit

As any gardener can tell you, there seems to be an infinite quest for knowledge to help manage your garden. What’s this bug on my plants? When can I cut ...
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Seeds of Hope and Remembrance | Brick Dedication Supports Garden’s Mission

Since its dedication in September 2003, the Awareness Garden has provided a peaceful place, surrounded by nature, where the public can come to reflect on the people in their lives ...
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Birth Flowers | Flowers Speak Their Own Language

Floriography, the language of flowers, is an ancient art form that Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Greek, and Roman cultures practiced through their poetry, art and floral arrangements. Victorian lovers took ...
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Plant Now, Bloom Later | Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

While visualizing next spring’s garden may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, fall is the time to plan and execute your spring flower plans. Most of spring’s ...
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Protecting Pollinators | “Bee” the Solution in Your Back Yard

English ivy cascading over old tree stumps and wisteria climbing trellises are both charming, hardy plants that seem to define the South in photographs and literature. But are they good ...
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Foliage Container Gardens | Just the Leaves, Please

While flowers are lovely, have you ever stopped to think about what the real stars of your container gardens are? Consider the foliage—the plants that often get added as filler ...
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Magnificent Magnolias | Turn On the Southern Charm in Your Yard

When it comes to the most popular flowering trees of the South, there’s nothing that tops the magnolia. This landscape staple has it all: good looks with its glossy leaves, ...
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