Moth Orchids | The Perfect Cure for Winter

Orchids, once only available to the wealthy few who could afford greenhouses, have been democratized by the introduction of moth orchids that can be grown successfully in our homes. This ...
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A Winter Wonderland of Birding | What Beginners Need to Know

Birdwatching, otherwise known as birding, is an increasingly popular past time. There’s something slightly soothing in the practice that to begin, requires nothing but your attention. Of course, as one’s ...
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Grow Sunshine | At Home with Citrus

Imagine reaching over to grab a little piece of sunshine in the form of a juicy lemon or lime after your concentrated effort, combined with a bit of patience, results ...
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Roll Out the Green Carpet | Lawn Care Basics

With cool, crisp days arriving, a lush area of grass creates an inviting spot for sports, relaxing, and cookouts. Healthy grass also sets the tone for your garden’s surrounding plants ...
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Trailing Upward | Climbing Vines Embellish a Garden

Climbing vines are a great addition to the garden. Some selections offer gorgeous bursts of long-lasting color; others provide lush green foliage most of the year. Trained onto metal or ...
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Gardening | Without a Plot

Not every gardener has a yard perfectly suited for a vegetable garden—or even a yard for that matter. Whether you’d like to take on another hobby, grow your own food, ...
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Pruning | When and How to Cut Back Your Favorite Plant

Pruning and tree trimming is one of those landscaping tasks that, when done right, keeps plants healthy and productive. It improves their appearance, helps control their size and shape, can ...
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Cool Containers | Materials Matter When Choosing Outdoor Planters

While there’s nothing gardeners love more than planning their spring and summer plantings, even the most seasoned of us can get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing containers for outdoor ...
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