Foundation Fundamentals | Set the Stage with Plants

Foundation plantings help anchor a house to the surrounding landscape, softening the edges of the structure while giving it a sense of belonging to the immediate terrain. Arguably an important ...
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Garden Gear | Get Your Tools Ready for the Season

For many gardening enthusiasts, spring signals a call to nurture and steward the earth, a covenant fulfilled with the help of trusted garden tools. Like artists and craftsmen, experienced gardeners ...
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Forcing Blooms | Bring Early Spring Inside

With most plants sitting dormant this time of year, the winter months can be short on freshly cut garden flowers to add a burst of color to your home. Thankfully, ...
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A Foliage Fancy

Most of us have always had a few leafy roommates lounging about—a ficus greeting guests in the foyer, African violets basking in a windowsill, a philodendron cascading off a bookshelf—but ...
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Winter’s Landscapes | Conifers Offer Majestic Trees and Shrubs

While many conifers are evergreen, not all evergreens are conifers. Nor are all conifers evergreen. Confused? It’s easy to be, at first glance. The name “conifer” stems from Latin and ...
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Holidays in Bloom | Give the Gift of Green this Season

Fall’s cool and shorter days herald the holiday tradition of decking our homes with fresh greenery and winter-blooming plants. Some favorites for seasonal displays and gifts include paperwhites, amaryllis, Christmas ...
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Fall Lawn Care | Getting Your Grass Ready for Winter

Fall is an important season when it comes to your lawn. Although the weather is turning cooler and your grass isn’t growing as fast, it’s preparing itself for dormancy ...
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Composting Is Cool | Turn Kitchen Scraps into Garden Gold

Black gold, chocolate cake mix, and liquid treasure all sound like something we should want—and as gardeners, we do, since they all describe “compost.” Gardeners use creative nicknames like ...
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