Classic Favorites and Novel Newbies | What’s Trending in Paint Colors for 2023

What was your favorite color as a kid? Is it the same now? Children typically choose a new favorite color every week, based on their current whims and fancies. Adulthood ...
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Soak It All In | Today’s Hot Tubs Offer Advanced Features to Help Wash Away the Worries

Since ancient times, people have been using heat, water and massage to soothe aching bodies. Hot tubs combine these therapies and provide comfort and community to help us both entertain ...
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Soft as Velvet | How Velvet Can Add Glamour to Your Home

Velvet décor is trending in home design, but luxurious velvet has never truly gone out of style. For centuries, velvet has captured the zeitgeist of the time, whether in Victorian ...
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Creekside Cottage | A Home for Hospitality

Photography by Michael Patch At the end of a long, winding driveway, nestled in the bend of a creek, sits the home of Diana Summers. The house seamlessly blends into ...
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More Than a Bow On Top | Clever and Creative Gift Wrap

The best gifts are often the ones you’d like to keep for yourself. Help your gift receiver to enjoy the moment as much as the gift. From unique paper to ...
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Comforting Curves With Timeless Appeal | Incorporate This Inviting Trend Throughout Your Home

The lines of design are softening as the iconic circle and curve motifs surge in popularity among interior designers and consumers. From small details like the residential gutter installation or ...
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Creative Pursuits | Try Your Hand at a New Hobby This Winter

It’s scientifically proven that carving out “me time” can improve our mental health. When we fill it with hobbies, we can find ourselves being whisked away from the regimented world ...
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All That Glitters | Generations Add Holiday Sparkle to Family Home

Photography by Michael Patch For 43 years, Archer and Billy Hunt have made their home in a residence that’s been in the family for four generations. They raised their four ...
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