The State of Real Estate | Hot Seller’s Market in Lynchburg Region Continues in 2022

According to sites like Great Point Properties, the Hill City region is an attractive place to live, with options ranging from quaint older homes to new construction, in bustling city ...
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Cabin Fever | Where Family Treasures and Magnificent Views Are Right at Home

Photography by Michael Patch Positioned on a bluff overlooking the James River sits an authentic log cabin that is now home to Clarkie and Tom Eppes. Located off Fox Hill ...
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Peonies | The Pinnacle of Spring Beauty

The fluffy, feathery blooms of the peony are one of the most familiar signs of spring. This old-fashioned perennial puts on a dramatic display reminiscent of a Victorian cottage garden ...
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Elements of Style | Trends for Inviting Interior Design

Do you know your design style? Look around your space—does it reflect a deliberate plan, or is it something you ended up with through hand-me-downs, impulse buys and “temporary” purchases? ...
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Window Dressing | Create a Style Statement with Window Treatments

Window treatments, such as window blinds, window shades and curtains, provide privacy and light control, but also add softness, texture and personality to a room. Advances in automation (push a ...
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Sleep Hygiene | Healthy Habits for a Better Night’s Rest

According to a 2020 poll by the National Sleep Foundation, about half of Americans feel sleep deprived at least several days per week. Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) ...
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Color Your World | What’s Trending In Paint Colors for 2022

What exterior and interior painting trends will tempt your eyeballs and tickle your fancy in the year to come? With nods to nature, nostalgia and coziness, the 2022 color palettes ...
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Living the Farm Life

Photography by Michael Patch Growing up, Laura Rosser always dreamed of living on a farm. In 2015, her dreams came true when work began on the new ranch homes she ...
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