Flexible Spaces | Tips to Make Your Home Fit Your Life

Our house is a study in flexible and evolving spaces. I’m writing from my bedroom office—my “boffice,” as I call it—where I carved out a workspace not too long ...
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Pick a Pepper | Popular Peppers for Every Taste

Whether sliced and sautéed into fajitas, stuffed with quinoa and baked, pureed into a spicy sauce or seared as a snack, peppers are an extremely versatile and fun ingredient ...
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Hoop Dreams | At-Home Sports Courts

We’re all spending more time at home this year due to social distancing, and you may be pondering new projects, wishing to maximize enjoyment of and recreation at your ...
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Metamorphosis of a House | Adapting a Home Over the Generations

Photography by Michael Patch  On a quiet street in Lynchburg in the heart of Boonsboro lives the O’Brian family. Painted a happy yellow, the extruded joint brick Colonial house ...
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Home Upgrades | What Improvements Bring the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Home building and design projects are about creativity, better living—and the bottom line. It can be tough to know where to allocate dollars and which upgrades warrant a splurge ...
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Design Through the Decades | Home Trends that Stand the Test of Time

The saying “everything old is new again” has been around for centuries. It’s true in many contexts, among them design. Home trends come and go through the decades, so ...
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Jurassic Garden | Harness the Ancient Beauty of Ferns

Long before humans, mammals, reptiles or even birds roamed the earth, ferns dominated the landscape, gracing forest floors, creating a lush blanket of various hues of green and providing ...
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Traditional with a Twist | A New Take on an Old Classic

Photography by Michael Patch In the world at large, change is constant. In the design world, this desire for change is ever-present and the driving force for innovative spaces ...
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