Better Together | Titans of Flooring Combine to Offer More

When a tornado ripped through the Timberlake area of Lynchburg in April 2018 and destroyed The Floor Show Carpet One, owner Chase Dewitt knew he would rebuild. But he couldn’t ...
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Tea for You | Bring Out the Best in Your Cup

Whether a blustery winter evening, a crisp spring morning, or a sultry summer afternoon, tea is always the perfect beverage. Served warm or cool, herbal or fully loaded with caffeine, ...
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Garden Party | Dine Al Fresco on Flavors of Spring

The warm days and evenings of spring make it perfect for outdoor entertaining. One secret to gatherings al fresco is to serve mostly room-temperature or chilled foods that allow for ...
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Plant-Based Power | Proteins for Meatless Meals

Have you heard about the latest food trend? Meatless Mondays have gone mainstream. According to Vegetarian Times, some 22.8 million people in the United States are eating a “vegetarian-inclined” diet, ...
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A Cozy Dinner | Single-Serve Dishes Make Great Dinners to Share

Though spring is just around the corner, there is still a chill in the air and we crave warm, comforting food. Sharing a meal with a small group of close ...
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Creative Infusions |Inspiration for Flavorful, Homemade Holiday Gifts

There are few things as wonderful to receive as a homemade gift. In a time where we are all looking to feel closer to the people in our lives, be ...
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Sugar Cookies | Make Delicious Memories

Cookies are the quintessential holiday treat in many homes—especially sugar cookies. There is something special about making cookies at home because you end up making memories as well. Recently I ...
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Game Night! | Bringing Back Old-School Fun

Winter evenings often call for cozy nights staying in. Consider hosting game night, popular with all ages these days. Great stories come from these gatherings, and games develop their own ...
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