Photos: James River Media Stir Up Some Fun Beverages from Popular Local Restaurants James Bond preferred his martini shaken, not stirred, Don Draper liked his bourbon in an Old Fashioned ...
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Photos: James River Media Summer Cooking Made Easy Does anyone out there adore grocery shopping?! Well, kudos to you if it’s your thing, but for this gal, it’s not a ...
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Absolute Oasis

CREATING A HOME WELLNESS SPACE One of the lingering effects of COVID-19 is how we have adapted our homes to accommodate so many aspects of our lives. From home offices ...
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Get Your Financial House in Order

HOW TO NAVIGATE AN UNCERTAIN ECONOMY The financial markets have experienced unpredictable swings in the last two years. Grocery, utility and gas prices continue to rise. After months of negative ...
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Any Excuse to BRUNCH

SPRING FLAVORS CALL FOR CELEBRATION Brunch is a lifestyle. It’s not only a promise of good food, but to great company and time to unwind. I love how it’s more ...
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One-Pot Wonders | Delicious Dinners with Less Cleanup

You may be thinking that “one-pot wonders” are your basic recipes with the standard chicken, cheese and rice combination. Don’t get me wrong, I love a reliable, like-your-Grandma-made recipe, but ...
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Pack with Purpose | Choosing the Right Luggage

We’re on the move again! We’re traveling domestically and internationally, so we need to be sure our luggage is in good working order. Toting the right type of bag to ...
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A Breath of Fresh Air

If you’re like me, by the time the calendar rolls around to March, you’re ready for an excursion. Our great Commonwealth of Virginia can have relatively mild weather, but snow ...
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