Birthday Wishes, Festive Dishes | How to Celebrate Any Birthday at Any Age

When we’re younger, birthdays are a dream. There’s cake, games, and plenty of toys, and, at the end of it all, someone else cleans it all up! As we get ...
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Blackwater Run | Neighborhood Brings New Homes Close to Downtown

Blackwater Run, a new neighborhood taking shape around an extension of Elmwood Avenue, brings needed housing into the city at a location that can’t be beat, its developers say. Friends ...
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Cooking Up Christmas | Creative Cookbook Gifts

What could make a better gift for your culinary-minded friend or family member than a beautiful cookbook with inspirational recipes that, if you’re lucky, you may even be invited to ...
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Soup’s On! | The Coziest of Recipes

Research shows how food affects our functioning bodies; there’s evidence to suggest that certain ingredients might make us feel “happy” or “energized.” I love to think about special recipes in ...
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Farm Basket Refresh | New Owners Bring Exciting Changes to Local Lynchburg Favorite

Opening a store had been on Alex Wood’s mind for quite a while. With a business background and a keen eye for design, she has been helping clients decorate their ...
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The Art of Crostini | Make Your Next Party a Masterpiece

With the air turning crisper comes the intoxicating idea of holiday parties, putting many of us in partyplanning mode. Creating an inventive and beautiful menu can be daunting; the internet ...
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Welcome! | Housewarming Gift Ideas in a Hot Housing Market

In today’s sizzling housing market where home buyers face fierce bidding competitions and surging home prices, housewarming gifts take on special significance. They not only congratulate and welcome new homeowners ...
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Masala Dabba | Your Curated Collection of DYI Go-to Spices

If variety is the spice of life, then a variety of spices leads to a more adventurous life—at least in the kitchen. Indian cuisine, like many regional cuisines, relies on ...
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