Spring Refresh | Choosing Paint for Your Home’s Exterior

With the arrival of spring comes the itch to refresh and renew our home’s interior and exterior spaces. While many begin spring cleaning tasks and making plans for the ...
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Dream Appliances | Kitchen Options Are Out of this World

You drop by the grocery on the way home from a rough day at work. A meeting dragged on and on and you missed lunch. Now famished, you weigh ...
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Slimming Down Clutter | Shed Extra Stress by Exercising Good Organization Habits

It’s ironic that home organization resources are a clutter of articles, books, blogs, and pins about controlling clutter. Just as we must when we set out to get fit, it’s ...
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Fresh Paint | Bring New Light and Life to Interiors

Late winter is a great time to tackle an indoor painting project. The holiday rush is passed (and hopefully, decorations packed away), but there’s still plenty of indoor time ahead ...
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Un-Decking the Halls | Do Your Old Holiday Decorations Need a Tune-up or a Toss-out?

After the Thanksgiving turkey dinner, excitement builds when we traipse up to the attic, grab the Christmas decorations and embark on the adventure of turning our home into a Winter ...
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What the Watt? | An Illuminating Look at Modern Day Lighting

The subject of light bulbs used to be as dull as 25 watts. A lamp burns out? Replace it with a 60W, 75W, 100W or—if you’re feeling fancy—a 3-way bulb, ...
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Foresight is 2020 | Planning Your Way to the Best Year Yet

As we approach the New Year, now seems as good a time as ever to start getting organized. An essential step for getting organized is feeling organized, and using something ...
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DIY VS. PRO | The True Costs and Benefits of Doing It Yourself

It starts innocently enough. You’re watching an HGTV marathon. Hours pass as you consume a buffet of 30- to 60-minute tales on house flipping, smart designing, and DIY tackling. Property ...
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