Perfect Pillows

In eighth grade, the girls in my middle school were required to take one year of Home Economics. The course was cleverly divided into two sections: cooking and baking the first ...
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Senior Living: Options for Rewarding Retirement

Today’s seniors are more active than ever, and retirement communities, home builders and independent contractors have become even more adept at addressing their physical and social needs. Whether retired, empty-nesters ...
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Precious Peonies: Beauty Worth the Wait

Patience doesn’t come easy, we know. After all, it’s hard to wait for something when most of the time you can run to the 24-hour store, get online, or make ...
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Layers of Light- Create the Right Mood with Lighting Know-How

We may not have all the power of the sun but we can certainly recreate the happy feeling we get from its warm light. All you need to do is ...
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Perfect Powder Rooms- Make Yours Dazzle With Easy Design

I admit it. I sometimes find choosing furnishings for my home stressful. When I’m making an investment in things like floor coverings, light fixtures and sofas—pieces I know I’ll be living ...
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Raise Your Glass- Tips for Collecting and Storing Wine

For some of us wine is simply a drink to enjoy at dinner parties; for others, wine is a way of life. There are also plenty of folks in between ...
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A Roof Over Your Head -Know the Latest in Roofing Options

Unlike Santa Claus who needs a solid roof only once a year to ensure a safe landing, homeowners depend upon their roofs every day as the first line of defense ...
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Charming Chairs -A Look At An Age-Old Favorite

Sacre bleu! I knew there had to be a reason that I am a bit of a Francophile. Along with champagne, Monet, Gerard Depardieu and wine bars, the French are ...
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