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Sweet & Neat | Clever Uses for Dessert Stands are Icing on the Cake


It’s hard to resist a cute cake stand.

If you have one (or several), or if you’ve eyed them at the store or at your friend’s house, you might wonder what to do with them when they aren’t fulfilling their designated purpose. But these sweet treats are actually too useful to let them stand alone! In addition to cakes and desserts, they’re fun for canapés or tea sandwiches, and for storing fruit, snacks and condiments. What about a charming tea or coffee station, outfitted with pretty mugs, and a sugar bowl and creamer? They make excellent bases for spring centerpieces—try a charming posy, bird’s nest, and painted Easter eggs or objet d’art. Fill a low bowl with blooms and use the cake stand as a decorative base to add height, or top one with a collection of candles. They also make stylish clutter keepers, holding collections of makeup, perfume, jewelry, craft bits and bobs, and even office supplies like paperclips, Post-it notes, and business cards. The possibilities are practically endless! 

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