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Natural Beauties | Incorporate Botanical Looks for Fresh Interiors

As humans, we are inextricably part of nature, and our eyes are attracted to shapes and colors that make us feel alive. This is one of the main reasons that most experts recommend bringing the outdoors in when creating a well-designed room. For the same reason that hospital patients can recover more quickly in a room with a view of nature, we can rest our eyes on a symbol of nature and receive the benefits of botanicals in the form of color therapy and nature immersion.

On the wall
Florals look great on surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. From granny chic to just plain unique, flowers on your walls can make an instant statement. Botanical garden designs and tropical vibes abound in 2021, whether in art or wallcoverings. For extra whimsy, prints can include birds that live among the plants on which they appear—think hummingbirds for English garden style and toucans for a more exotic feel. Play around with scale to suit your taste and the room. A tiny petal pattern could be ideal for a guest bathroom, whereas large blooms could create an optical illusion, enveloping the living room to amplify drama. You can even mimic this look by designing a floral pattern painted with your own hand or hiring a mural artist.

For something even less permanent, you can frame pressed botanicals straight out of the garden and hang them on your wall. There are a variety of methods to pull this off, so watch a video tutorial, and proceed with caution. Choose a fern for some greenery or a favorite summer flower with a beautiful, colorful shape, like cosmos, dahlias, zinnias or marigolds.

On fabric and accessories
For an extra touch of comfort, florals are a timeless favorite for fabrics and other home accents. Whether bold and colorful or sleek and subtle, you can choose how rosy you want your fabric posies to appear. Choose bright pink rose-patterned drapes that look straight out of Granny’s cottage, or more sheer window treatments with fine-lined florals that invite in the sun. Throw pillows featuring botanical prints can help highlight a favorite accent color, and a flowery upholstery project can be a fun way to give an old chair or couch a makeover. Botanical fabrics also pair stylishly with contrasting stripes or geometric patterns in rugs, pottery and other furniture pieces.

As the real deal
The most obvious use of florals is pretty straightforward—house plants and colorful blossoms placed throughout your home as accents or centerpieces. Find them at the farmer’s market, grocery store, local nursery or your homegrown garden. You get bonus points if you understand the hidden language of flowers and use them strategically. Try a bouquet of sunflowers on the dining room table if someone in your family is going through a hardship, to offer encouragement that things will soon be looking up. Roses in the bedroom set the mood for romance, and you can make your company feel like royalty by placing purple asters on the nightstand in the guestroom.

But what if you don’t want the hassle or maintenance for caring for plants? Summer blooms like globe thistle, baby’s breath and larkspur look stunning in a dried arrangement.

Read on for some fun ideas for infusing botanicals into popular home decor trends.

Coastal Boho: For a bohemian beachy look, botanicals simply belong. Think live ferns in baskets hanging from the ceiling or on floating shelves, or dried palm leaf fans in a large vase or as a wall embellishment. These add the perfect nod to nature, amidst woven baskets, cane furniture, and driftwood and shells placed thoughtfully around the room, along with a funky Moroccan rug.

Granny Chic: This fun and feisty style is all about mixing old and new. Let your boldly printed floral wallpaper set the scene, and don’t be afraid to complement or even match with floral curtains. Embellishments like shag fringes, ruffles and lace add to that over-the-top feeling of comfort. If you have any special floral needlepoints or hanging tapestry projects that have been stowed away in the attic for safekeeping, now is the time to pull them out. The only reminder that you’re not actually in Granny’s house will be the ultramodern accent lamp, faux fur throw pillow, or neon chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Cottagecore: In the spirit of rural romance, cottagecore embraces a “back to basics” freedom by celebrating things that grow wild. With untamed flare, let the room be what it wants. Floral wallpaper looks striking with a rustic wood table, topped with wildflowers in a simple glass vase. Muted greens, greys and other neutrals are the perfect hues to pair with soft linens and china tea sets. Throw in some layered textiles, vintage rugs and a gallery wall of botanical prints, along with windowsills of dainty flowers in repurposed antique floral teacups. You’ll bask in this cozy femininity, as if immersed in the countryside, barefoot and fancy free.

Maximalism,: Maximalism—as a rebellion to minimalism, but with joy at its core—is all about “go big or go home.” Think crazily intricate wallpaper patterns with large-scale botanicals, neon hues, playfulness with size and scale, and contrasting patterns and colors. Imagine a wallpaper featuring palm trees with colorful fruit and toucans perched atop the branches, paired with a bright pink couch and black and white geometric floor tiles.

All styles are subject to individual preference. Like the flower needs the rain, we all need natural beauty in our custom interior design project to color our days on this wild and wonderful planet.

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