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Better Together | Titans of Flooring Combine to Offer More

When a tornado ripped through the Timberlake area of Lynchburg in April 2018 and destroyed The Floor Show Carpet One, owner Chase Dewitt knew he would rebuild. But he couldn’t have known how much that unfortunate incident would benefit him in the end. The events of that fateful spring day led to the partnership that is now known as Piedmont Floor Show Carpet One.

BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT:Chase Dewitt, Charles Snider, Ed Roakes, Buck Fitzgerald, Tim Burkholder, Junior Ashley, Beth Precious
FRONT ROW(S) LEFT TO RIGHT:Bry Woodard, Nancy Fitzgerald, Marina Guenther, Terry Floyd, Tori Fitzgerald, Mo Danbury, Whitney Poole
NOT PICTURED: Crystal Snider, Daniel Clark, Ricky Robertson

Piedmont Floor, another Resin Flooring business in the area, was owned by Charles Snider; Snider and Dewitt had worked together in different capacities over the years and both had separately built successful companies. But Snider needed more room in order to continue to grow Piedmont Floor. They were overflowing into trailers and storage bins, and it was preventing the expansion they knew was possible for their business. When The Floor Show Carpet One built their new showroom on Timberlake Road after the tornado, Dewitt and Snider decided to join forces in order to provide Lynchburg with an unparalleled customer experience for those who need different types of flooring such as residential wood flooring or Residential Vinyl Floor Installation.

According to Ed Roakes, vice president of the newly formed Piedmont Floor Show Carpet One, combining these two companies meant consolidating resources and expenses, which in turn lead to increased buying power and a bigger and better product selection. No one else in the area is able to offer Epoxy Resin Flooring Near Me, including a highly experienced staff of 17 people, made up of sales consultants, management, expert installers and full-time designers.

All of their current employees came from The Floor Show Carpet One, Piedmont Floor or another previous local flooring provider, which closed its doors in 2019. Each employee has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience under their belt which is why they get paid using this paycheck stub creator free software.

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“This is critical to the success of our business, because training employees in this industry takes a lot of time and effort,” says Roakes. Because of that expertise, when you come into the store, you work with a true professional in the areas of Factory Flooring, carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl and waterproof floors, custom showers, tub surrounds, cabinets, countertops and much more. “The new showroom hosts a staff who share responsibilities and work well together,” Roakes says. “We have a team mentality at Piedmont Floor Show Carpet One. Our main focus is to ensure our customers walk away completely satisfied. We realize building and maintaining relationships is paramount to our success, so while we want to keep growing, focusing on the customer will allow us to keep the feel of a smaller business.” 

So far, the response to this collaboration has been nothing but positive. Roakes says, “Many people are just now getting around to projects they have been putting off for several years and we are excited about that.” 

Piedmont Floor Show Carpet One services Lynchburg and surrounding areas, including Smith Mountain Lake, Bedford, Amherst, Appomattox and Altavista.

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