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Meridith Ingram

Some people really like winter. I am not one of those people. I do try to find the good in each season, and the good in winter is that it gives way to spring. And because we’re in Virginia, we tend to experience early bursts of spring here and there, which really get me in the mood for warmer weather and all that it brings.

So now, for these in-between months, we offer you the Early Spring issue of HOME, full of ideas and inspiration for this time of year when the weather is all over the place—sometimes in one day! If you’re still hunkered inside, now is a great time peruse new paint palettes offered by major paint companies for 2022. Our feature on paint trends will provide a great starting point for your next interior refresh. (Spoiler alert: Neutrals and colors found in nature are still popular.) While you’re at it, take some tips from local pros about updating your window treatments. Here too, neutrals and textures are current yet timeless. Cold-weather weekends also offer a great time to work on organizing projects, particularly those sneaky ones that get out of hand before you even realize it—like digital clutter. Forgotten passwords, countless apps, lost files … Our article on managing your online life will offer help you may not even know you needed.

As you dream of ways to enhance your outdoor spaces this spring, start first with your home’s entrance. After the glow of the holidays, your front door may need a little attention—new lights, a fresh coat of paint, a new doormat—to welcome guests and a new season. In the garden, consider adding a guest house for bees. These pollinators are critical to our ecosystem, and building this simple structure with our step-by-step guide will encourage bees to come and stay in your yard to do their great work.

Seasons affect not only our house projects, but also our menus. Food writer Sarah Nicholas offers recipes that bridge the seasons—dishes that are hearty and comforting yet bright and refreshing.

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring, we’re confident you’ll find something in these pages to inspire you to make the most of whatever season we’re experiencing on any given day.

Thanks for reading!
Meridith Ingram

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