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A Charlie Brown Christmas album on repeat. Check. 

A lit balsam and cedar candle. Check. 

The first sweet nibble of peppermint bark. Check. 

An obnoxiously sequined ugly Christmas sweater. Check. 

Grandmother’s hand-painted nativity set. Check. 

For me, these seasonal joys help me know that something wonderful is coming. Yes, the holiday season can bring challenge and anxiety, but it can also be a time when we allow ourselves to be a little more sentimental, a bit more generous and to remember again the childlike wonder of dancing outdoor lights under twinkling winter skies. 

Consider this magazine a place to find inspiration and anticipation for the season to come. 

First, we offer a tour of a local home that celebrates the holidays in a big way and invites the community to take a drive through their winter wonderland. We even captured drone footage of the festive scene, which you can find by scanning the QR code to the left or on Facebook or Instagram @homemagazineva. But the Fores’ house is much more than you see from the outside, and we enjoyed exploring its carefully curated interior. Click here to go to the Fores’ Showcase Home article.

When considering how to decorate your own home for the holidays, we offer the advice of local home interior designers. They give tips on what’s trending, as well as how to pull together your decorations in ways that embellish and elevate. Who knew that mushrooms were so popular? Because nature’s bounty is such a part of this year’s décor, we offer a deeper dive on using greenery around your home. 

No holiday scene seems complete without a warm and cozy fireplace. Today, there are so many choices in both functionality and aesthetics. And speaking of warmth, don’t miss our read on home saunas. Yes, this luxurious option for health and well-being is being found in more local homes. 

If you’re thinking of bringing home a pet for the holidays, we highlight some of the best advice from the Barkitecture scene. A cat or dog requires some adjustment, and being prepared, especially during a busy season, will ease the transition. 

Finally, one of my favorite joys of the holidays is taking a drive and enjoying local lights. We offer tips on finding some spectacular displays, as well as the inside scoop on hiring a professional for your own home’s illumination. Bonus: Keep the lights on no matter the weather with a generator. 

As we enter the holiday season, what scent, sight or sound brings you special joy? I hope you find it and so much more this season! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 

Donna Dunn |

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