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What’s The Color Of The Year?: It Depends Who you Ask!

Each winter, various “authorities on color” declare the new must-have hues for the year ahead. Their selections are based on survey results from trend watchers, consumers, retailers, pop culture and fashion industry insiders.

These colors often edge their way into our homes, closets and cosmetic bags. Many are being tossed around as “THE” color of the year for 2015, ranging from sage green, to powder pink, to cerulean blue (that distinctive shade of blue most of us learned when Andie, the fish-out-of-water intern in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, received a tongue-lashing about it).

So, what’s a stylish shopper to do?

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw said it best: “A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” This year, let’s agree to be fashion-conscious without becoming a slave to it. In other words, we’ll decide for ourselves, thankyouverymuch.

We asked several in-the-know style mavens in Central Virginia what they’re seeing as the most preferred colors in local fashion and home décor. Here’s what they have to say:

“Green! Neutral no longer means beiges, creams, whites and grays. Soft green will start to be seen more and more as a neutral color. Additionally, bright jewel tones like lime and turquoise will be found in more than just accessories—I’ve already had multiple clients ask for bold green wall colors in their kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. I love bright, vibrant colors and have been thrilled with the demand for these statement colors!”
– Sarah Girten, The Design Center at James T Davis

“They say that part of the selection process [of choosing a color of the year] has to do with the effect that color has on people and choosing colors that are an expression of the current ‘feeling’ in the world. The majority of my clients are drawn to shades of blue and bluish-green color palettes—those colors bring feelings of calm and serenity into a home. But I also have several clients interested in using a rich, classic red!”
– Kathy Potts, Decorating Den Interiors

I’ve noticed there seem to be two distinct color palettes for the upcoming year. One is neutral and soft, and the other is strong and bold. The neutral palette uses shades of cream, beige, white, metallics and pastels. The bold palette features strong shades of purple, turquoise and lime. While seemingly opposite, these two palettes can work well together, both in a wardrobe and a home, by using the neutrals as the base and adding boldly colored accessories.”
– Debra McCabe, The Columns

We’ve noticed many of our clients are gravitating toward a lovely, soothing neutral palette accented with pops of blue ranging in undertones from teal to blue-gray. White and other neutrals are prevalent colors, seen everywhere from kitchen cabinetry, bathroom shower curtains, drapes, and bedding. Blue is a classic color that can be incorporated in a variety of ways, whether you want to use it to make a huge impact or use bits and pieces brought in with pillows, window treatments or other accessories. I think blue paired with white and neutrals meld well together and can be brought into any home, no matter what your décor style!”
– Ashley Hilbish, Curtains, Blinds and Bath

According to [what I’ve seen on] social media, the color of the year is ‘marsala.’ I am crazy about this spicy, Spanish red and think it adds a wonderful punch to a neutral palette of cream, beige and grey. Another color I’m obsessed with is the color of our front room here at the store—we call it peacock blue. It is fabulous paired with varying shades of aquas, teals and lime greens.”
– Kelly Mortemousque, The Silver Thistle

Pastels! Though not all colors can be incorporated easily into a woman’s wardrobe because of complexion and hair color, I think it’s safe to say that soft pinks, soft blues and soft greens will be seen along with shimmery silvers this spring and summer. I believe shoppers will have lots to choose from to find the pastel shade that complements them best and be on trend.”
– Renee Wood, Gladiola Girls

It seems that there’s no right or wrong answer to the question, “What’s the color of the year?” The opportunities to color your world are endless—even if you start with basic beige! Whether the colors that speak to you are muted or bold, you can find a balanced color palette that brings harmony to your home.

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