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Trish Roth

We are close to the deadline as I sit with my morning coffee to write this issue’s publisher’s note. It’s always the hardest thing for me to do! As I reflect on this past year and the many changes it has brought to my life, I am encouraged. I have been in this role for about six months and have learned so much. I’ve made some mistakes, learned from them and am proud to work alongside a team of amazing people who work so hard to bring you HOME. It’s been rewarding and full of challenges, and I am excited for 2023! 

I’ve had several people ask me what, if any, plans we have in changing HOME. The focus will remain the same, to be your go-to magazine for all things home. In our effort to be a community-based local resource for our advertisers and readers, one thing we’re excited to introduce this issue is a nonprofit spotlight. See page 56 to learn all about Mustaches 4 Kids Lynchburg and how they support kid-focused charities in our area. We’re also bringing HOME to life on the radio, see Donna’s editor’s note to read all about it! 

This issue is full of holiday fun! I have hosted cookie exchanges for many years, which sparked the idea for our cookie article. I baked all of the cookies to photograph them, and they all have my stamp of approval! Who knew that a cookie with olive oil and rosemary would end up being my favorite? Trust me, bake them! 

Thank you for picking this up, taking a look and giving it a read. I hope you find many things that inspire you as we head into the holidays. Take a breath, slow your pace a bit, enjoy your family and friends and soak up the season.

Happy holidays to you and yours!
Trish Roth, Publisher

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