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TheLastWord1DOUG WILSON, star of TLC’s “Trading Spaces,” will headline the Greater Lynchburg Home & Garden Show February 15-17. The popular and controversial designer will speak at 11AM and 2 PM on Saturday, February 16, on the Love My Lynchburg Home Stage, in the former Macy’s space at River Ridge Mall. For information visit


ppm: If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
DW: Marie Antoinette. I did a Trading Spaces “Diva” show and designed my room based on her bedroom! I’d love to have dinner with her and chat about how I created a $2,000 room inspired by her boudoir.

ppm: what is your favorite smell?
DW: Fresh, invigorating and exciting, just like my design (laughing).

ppm: what design rule are you proud to break?
DW: All of them. Once you understand the rules you can bend them and twist them to make something unique.

ppm: what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever had?
DW: Don’t quit your day job. Fame is fleeting. Maintain a balanced life for yourself.

ppm: name a product or service you love so much you’d be its spokesperson?
DW: Just For Men. I love it. I don’t always use it, but it’s magic: When I want to take a quick five years off it’s nice to know Just For Men is in my cabinet.

ppm: what is your pet peeve?
DW: I hate interviews. (He laughs) Just kidding. Seriously, when I’m going through security in airports and people don’t put the tubs back in the rack after they get through the x-ray machine, then pick up their bags and walk away, the passive aggressive in me comes out and I can’t help saying, “That’s okay, I’ll get it. It’s your world, I know. I’m just passing through.” (Rant over).

ppm: what is your dream job?
DW: I kind of do my dream job. I love performing, being a handyman, doing construction, creating design and acting! I feel lucky that I have had these opportunities and I love my job.

ppm: what did you want to be when you grew up, as a child?
DW: An attorney. I loved everything about parliamentary procedure and rules of order. I was student council president as a high school sophomore. If I had gone that route I might have been president right now, which could have been a good thing.

ppm: what was your best purchase this year?
DW: My new Nikon 7500 Camera. The resolution is double what I had on my old camera, with 180K pixel RGB. I can shoot video for professional production. It is absolutely my favorite purchase this year. Owning a good camera is just one aspect of creating great video content. You might consider checking out why you need to hire a video production company for your next project to understand more.

ppm: what are you reading right now?
DW: I’m trying to get through “Pride and Prejudice” and it’s killing me. I feel so dumb! I have lost all my pride reading this book.

ppm: what living person other than family do you admire?
DW: I met Oprah Winfrey last Labor Day. I admire her for prevailing against all odds, for her generosity and the way she’s handled fame and fortune, as she stands firm, is ethical and moral. I admire the hell out of her.

ppm: what would you tell the 25-year old version of yourself?
DW: Follow your own instincts. Take the time to understand what’s going on and don’t let others beat you down.

ppm: what is your proudest accomplishment?
DW: Keeping my hair. No, really. (He means it.)

ppm: what is your wish for your Virginia visit?
DW: My wish is to bring an extremely successful home show to the area and expose people to new and interesting ideas and products for home, garden and lifestyle. I look forward to doing whatever I can to make it a success!


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