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Open a New Window | Plantation Shutters: A Perennial Favorite


If eyes are the window to the soul, and windows are the soul of the house, then shutters are the lashes that provide both beauty and utility. Plantation shutters are something of a shutter-blind hybrid for a home’s interior, distinguished by their sturdy, large and wide louvers. Experts tout plantation shutters as a timeless window feature with modern updates, that continue to turn heads as a home staple. Both buyers and sellers are opting for this style for three big reasons—resale value, aesthetic adaptability, and techie traction. Mike Lake, Central Virginia area Budget Blinds owner, has seen notable recent trends that speak to both personal homeowner preferences and current market conditions.

Resale value
Write-ups on mainstream house hunting websites like Zillow and typically include a mention of plantation shutters in the first line or two of a listing, Lake says. The reason? “It is a selling point to the buyer,” he explains. “It tells them a lot about the previous owner.” A little TLC—from maintenance to recent updates and flashy bells and whistles—can go a long way with those searching for “the one.” When making a risky investment, these touches speak volumes. Plantation shutters evidence previous efforts and ongoing conscientiousness in keeping up a home’s condition and functionality, providing potential buyers a cushion of comfort as they consider taking the financial leap of faith.

Another trend Lake has observed is folks juggling multiple buying and selling processes within a short timeframe. Homeowners often have their own house to deal with as they handle, for example, selling a parent’s home so they can move to an assisted living facility. Older homes are commonly structurally sound, but might need a few aesthetic updates to catch the eyes of prospective buyers. “This is a perfect circumstance for plantation shutters,” Lake says.

But what about different housing styles?

Aesthetic adaptability
Regardless of the style, size, period, or décor, Lake says plantation shutters are highly customizable to a homeowner’s taste and individual needs. “Plantation shutters are constant,” he says, regardless of trends or the nitty-gritty specifics of a house’s layout or quirks. “You can make them look like they belong there.”

The risk of buyer’s remorse is minimal, since Shutters WA are available in a wide variety of sizes and frame types. They can be custom fit and even built around window cranks if needed. Modifications can be invisible and yet allow for effective window cleaning. Reasons homeowners have been opting for plantation shutters as of late range from wanting to dress up a room, to making a longtime wish list item a reality, says Lake. Whatever the reason for their installation, these shutters seem to be a win across the board when it comes to timelessness.

Techie traction
What better way to celebrate timeless style than to roll with the tides of tech? “What is really hot is motorized shutters,” Lake notes of new trends. Plantation shutters are easily motorizable and synced with apps such as Alexa and Google Home. The latest ones come with a rechargeable port and include no messy wires or batteries in need of juice.

Imagine this scene. You’re having coffee with a friend, and note on your weather app that this afternoon will be gloriously sunny. Wouldn’t it be perfect to be greeted with the warm glow of sunshine when you return home?

“Excuse me a moment…Alexa, please open the plantation shutters,” you command. Just like that, you have let the sunshine in, miles away from home base—with the help of your trustee voice assistant.

A few other benefits of plantation shutters are worth noting. According to a article, entitled How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost, and How Do They Pay Off, although plantation shutters tend to be pricier than other styles, homeowners find return value in energy conservation and temperature maintenance, privacy, and durability that stands the test of time.

When it comes to shutters, your choices are many. Like eyelashes on a pretty face, plantation shutters can dress up various styles of homes. Whether you go large, small, traditional, modern, classic, cutting edge, motorized or any combination thereof, you can be confident that with this upgrade you will add value to your property, adaptably improve the aesthetic of your home, and gain traction as a techie. Which style fits your home, draws your eye, and speaks to your soul?

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