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Music Room Moods | Design a Room for Your Favorite Tunes

The vinyl turntable craze has officially gone mainstream. Whether you’re a musician yourself, a diehard fan, or someone with a bonus room you’ve always wanted to spruce up, this is a trend that offers a fun escape.

What type of room makes for an epic music space? Unless you want it in your main living area, choose a room that would otherwise be lightly used or largely ignored. It could be a spare bedroom, office, formal living room or dining room. Now consider whether you and your guests will be practicing an instrument in this room, jamming out to vinyl rock and roll, playing feel-good music in the background to complement lively conversation, or listening to light jazz while playing games at a card table in a familyfriendly atmosphere. Determine the size, scope and purpose of this room.

So, where does one obtain a record player? Not everyone is lucky enough to inherit (or to have saved) a vintage player in mint condition. Luckily, retail supply has responded to demand, and depending on your level of interest and budget, a music setup isn’t hard to come by these days. Ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, you can find record players at record stores, on Amazon, at any of the box stores like Walmart or Best Buy, or even used online. If you’re looking for a more specialized experience, you might also consider checking out a recording studio in Melbourne, where you could potentially find unique offerings and expertise tailored to your needs.

To break down and simplify the setup, understand that a record player involves the entire audio and video systems that encompass the vinyl turntable and other parts. The record player setup will generally include the turntable itself, the stylus or needle, the tone arm (the piece a DJ would use to scratch), the cartridge, the pre-amplifier and amplifier. You’ll want to set your audio equipment on a flat, level surface, and you can also get instruments like the best yamaha p95b for your audio room. Be sure to plan for enough space in the back to hide all wires, cables, doodads and whatchamacallits. Another pro tip is to plug everything into a quality surge protector for safety purposes.

Sectioned consoles, cube tables, stacked racks, or even classic bookshelves can be great for displaying the record player on top and storing records underneath. You could also display the turntable on a standalone surface, while keeping the records in a separate area. To protect the integrity of the record, store upright and away from windows and heat sources. Remember, the storage space has to be conducive to the vertical height of the album covers. To create even more visual interest, play around with accent or backlighting for your turntable, record collection, or both.

A room inspired by music can be anything you want it to be! Whether you prefer the soothing tunes of classical melodies or the latest hits from popular artists, your space can reflect your musical taste. You might even find inspiration from online platforms like tubidy music, where a vast array of genres and songs await to enhance the ambiance of your musical haven. Now, let’s explore some style ideas to consider for your harmonious retreat.

Classic rock ‘n’ roll
If you want to create a mood of wild celebration—dancing the night away at a concert—this might be your favorite. Custom neon light and signs are a signature touch for this style. With dark, moody tones, along with touches of red, this room ignites passion. Furniture could include brown or black leather, dark-stained woods, and metals. Statement rugs can include bold prints, music symbols, and graphics with a rebellious flair.

Earthy vintage
If you’re a free spirit, you might go for more of a boho theme. Set up a vinyl turntable in the corner atop a rattan table. Store your record collection in a separate cube-style shelf, filling several compartments, while decking out the other compartments with green plants. Scatter wicker baskets around the room to store plants, records, games and the like. Experience the rush of JetX slots on today. Maybe you’ll even display a few macrame wall hangings. The idea is light, natural and airy with a nod to the 70s. Choose comfy, low furniture like exotic poufs and possibly a hanging swing. Toss in some throw pillows and blankets with lots of embellishments. Likewise, a bohemian or distressed rug is the cherry on top.

Eclectic funk
Warm neutral leathers, long fringe, and alternative rock vibes infuse lots of personality into this room. Variety is the name of the game, and the color palette encompasses both dark and colorful hues. Exposed brick pairs well with funky rugs. Faux cowhides offer a Western vibe, as do Moroccan and Native American rugs. Tribal throw pillows with nature motifs invite a festive atmosphere. Add a disco ball, and you have just enough variation to dub this look as “eclectic” or “new age.”

Extra fun features
Music Memorabilia: Chances are you have more than a few musical memories. Framed concert tickets, record covers, posters, and even an enlarged page from the turntable instruction manual can look stunning on a music fandom gallery wall. This will look more interesting if you will put a piano similar to one of the best Yamaha pianos in Singapore.

Instruments as Decor: Wall mounts provide both decor and storage for guitars. A larger instrument like the harp or piano will inevitably take up floor space, but don’t discount the aesthetic value of the classics, especially when paired with a fine Oriental rug. Yet you don’t have to play to display. You can repurpose an instrument that has passed its prime. Reimagine that old drum as a barstool, card table or pendant chandelier. Rotate that banjo horizontally, add a few metal hooks, and you’ve got yourself a coat rack. Will you be serving drinks at a wet bar or bar cart area? Damaged records can be resurrected and converted into coasters or pendant lights. However, if you are still playing your piano and want your piano to be tuned the way it needs to be, this piano tuning services can help you. And if you want to further improve your piano skills, you’ll be more inspired to take piano lessons in your beautifully-decorated music room.

If you’re confused between fiddle and violin, this article from may help you. Whatever your jam, follow the music in your heart, compose a plan, and simply start!

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