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Meridith Ingram

Do you have a signature style, a look by which people recognize you? Maybe you’re known for your funky glasses, colorful scarves, your chic all-black ensembles. Perhaps your car, with a personalized license plate or school-pride stickers on the back windshield, says a lot about how you roll. Your home doesn’t travel with you, but it is another place to showcase your own signature style, whether you realize you have one or not.

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This issue of HOME—and every issue, really—helps you assess, find and assert your signature style at home. Our feature on design trends that have come back around (or maybe never went out of style) demonstrates that now more than ever, our interiors can borrow trends from one era, colors from another, to create a collected haven that reflects our own unique styles. If you’re due for some upgrades, our feature about which projects will offer the best return on investment will help you make the best decisions. And you can also learn all about the latest in appliances if a kitchen is part of those upgrade plans. In this issue, we are also lucky enough to explore the Rivermont Avenue home of artist and designer Betsy Burton and her husband Jeb, where her signature style includes putting a modern twist on traditional furnishings.

Virginia has to offer. One way to experience the season is to hop in your car and check out one of the many public gardens within a few hours’ drive of Lynchburg—Virginia boasts so many! We’ve gathered a list that we hope inspires you to take advantage of all our commonwealth has to offer. And if you’re working in your own garden, our article on companion planting explores how certain flowers, vegetables and herbs grow better in close proximity to one another. In that spirit, take a page from our article on easy happy hours and invite some friends over for a casual spring gathering. It turns out, we are all better together.

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