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Meridith Ingram

When a task or project arises at home— landscape chores become overwhelming, your family room furniture needs a refresh—you can count yourself lucky if you have a trusted list of go-to professionals to help. Often, as homeownership goes, unexpected needs arise too (the dishwasher leaks and ruins the floors and maybe now a whole kitchen renovation is in order?) and you need other pros to step in. Whatever the case may be, we hope HOME magazine’s second annual Readers’ Favorites issue will provide you with a great resource to consider for your next need at home. Think of it as a list of referrals made by thousands of your best friends, featuring the best of the best the area has to offer in home- and garden-related goods and services.

In the spirit of “favorites,” in this issue we also showcase the best of the best in the local homes we’ve featured over the years. We hope you’ll be inspired by a second look at the design of some of our favorite spaces inside and out as you imagine and plan future projects. Is a bath renovation on your list? Our feature on three local bath renovations is sure to provide you with a springboard to make your plan a reality. Or maybe you want to tackle smaller design projects this fall before we coast into the holiday season; read all about easy updates for your fireplace, choosing new throw pillows, creating a room in which to enjoy music, and incorporating brown furniture into modern decor (yes, it’s back; in fact it never left).

In addition to ideas for feathering your nest, we offer stories to help you focus outward too. If you’re planning to host friends EDITOR’S note and family this fall, consider incorporating crostini into your party plan with several recipes for interesting toppings. This appetizer is easy, versatile, and makes a beautiful presentation. Maybe you have new neighbors; our article on housewarming gifts will make welcoming them with something special a breeze. And though things in the garden are winding down, don’t put away the garden tools just yet; now is the time to plant bulbs. Your investment now will yield beautiful spring bouquets.

We have included so many of our favorite things in this issue, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another of our most favorite things: our readers.

Thanks for reading!
Meridith Ingram

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