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Meridith Ingram

Welcome to spring! Although the season officially began in March, we can experience spring, summer, fall and winter on any given week—or even day—here in Virginia. The weather is as unpredictable as the supply chain, am I right? But experiencing four seasons is part of the delight of living in this part of the country, so we just have to roll with it (just like we do with supply-chain issues). 

In this issue of HOME, however, we’re focusing on what we can count on in unpredictable times. In our feature on the real estate market, local experts shed light on local trends (spoiler alert: it’s still a seller’s market). Though of course the real estate landscape is always subject to greater forces, there are some things you can and should do when buying or selling a home regardless of the climate. Another predictable force? Spring flowers! Our feature on peonies will inspire you to keep an eye out for spring’s darlings; whether you grow them or buy them, you can always count on a fresh arrangement of peonies to brighten any spring day. While you gear up for the planting season that’s upon us, be sure to check your planters and flower pots; is it time for an upgrade? Our article exploring the various materials they’re made of will help you determine what you might need to spruce up front porch, deck or patio. While you’re out there, grab your clippers; some of your plants may need pruning—but some don’t. In fact, cutting back some plants now will reduce their blooms this summer. Learn which ones in our article about what to prune and when.

With everything tidied up and blooming outside, it might be time to party al fresco. Our article on throwing your own garden party features recipes that just scream spring, using fresh, seasonal ingredients and flavors. Spring is also shower season—rain showers, sure, but life milestone showers too. If there’s a wedding or baby in your future, you’ll enjoy tips on throwing a celebration worth remembering.

Home is the one thing that’s certain—even if delivery of your new furnishings is eight months delayed, or your favorite ingredient is missing from the grocery shelves this week. All will be well when you cherish the place you live. Thanks for reading!

Meridith Ingram 

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