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Julie Pierce

Our goal here at HOME has always been to provide ideas and inspiration along with highlighting the local businesses that can help make your visions a reality in your home or garden. I hope you’ll use the results of our first Readers’ Favorites awards published in this issue as a resource when planning your next project. Thank you to all who nominated and voted for your favorite home- and garden-related local businesses and service providers. In addition to honoring local businesses and gathering a great resource list in the process, it’s a treat for us to hear from our readers in this way, to get a glimpse of what’s important to you.

In that vein, I’m wondering about your favorite things even closer to home. Do you have a favorite space, nook or unique feature in your own home? Perhaps a renovation, transformation of a room, or a special unique feature that you’d be willing to share with our readers? Maybe even that friend who has an incredible home you’d like to see featured on the pages of HOME? I’d love to hear about it. Or, did you have an exceptional experience with a local craftsman, business or service provider? Send me your story. We’re always looking for ideas and local stories to share with our Central Virginia readers.

For now, enjoy all the tips, tricks and creativity in this issue of HOME. And if you need to call on a local business to help with a project in your home, please start with our list of Readers’ Favorites.

Thanks for reading,

Julie Pierce, Publisher

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