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Julie Pierce

Countless hours are spent on all the details that go into producing HOME, including the cover. There are so many things to consider when choosing the perfect cover photo; we ask ourselves not only if it’s relevant to that issue’s content but does it have the right orientation and composition for us to be able to include text about what’s inside? And, most of all, is it something that will look great on your coffee table all season? Sometimes it’s easy when the perfect cover photo presents itself; other times we review hundreds before the right one makes the cut. This time it was simple. Cheerful and colorful. Summer. Joy. That’s it, just what we all need right now.


In spite of the recent turmoil, I’ve tried to find joy, always looking for the silver lining. Here at HOME, we’ve seen quite a few silver linings as we contemplated how to proceed with this summer issue. We talked with our advertising partners from across the spectrum and the overwhelming response, no matter their current situation, was to publish the summer issue as usual, on schedule. Our direct mail distribution program allows us to deliver and capture the attention of more of our readers who are home now. This has resulted in more inquiries and appointments for the local businesses on our pages. All positive feedback! Joy.

When faced with the challenge of changing the way we all have to do business, fast and furiously so many local businesses stepped up, from taking an eCom babes course to learn how to start new e-commerce websites to offering delivery and curbside pickup. I’ve already seen new trends blooming. So many creative minds! Joy.

I’ve experienced so many positive interactions with local companies over the past few months. In one instance, when I was in the middle of moving, I couldn’t find my dinner plates but wanted to use them because my children were coming for Mother’s Day. I knew Farm Basket carried my pattern and although they weren’t open, all it took was a note; they had five in stock that I could purchase, not six, so a Farm Basket employee loaned me one of hers for the weekend. That’s community! Joy.

So, as our local businesses are open again, let’s all get out (with those darn masks) and thank them for graciously taking on the challenges they’ve faced. With support, kindness and patience, we’ll find a new normal during these summer months and enjoy the season.

Thanks for your support,

Julie Pierce, Publisher

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