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Judging a Room by its Cover: Wallpaper for Any Space

designers_corner1Local designers answer some of the most commonly asked questions as homeowners consider renovating or upgrading their homes.

What are the advantages to using wallpaper vs. paint?

Wallpaper contributes to the overall design of the room. It can allow you to set a theme for a room, or add just enough “punch” to a small space that may require less decoration. Dimension is created by adding wallpaper to just one wall where paint would be lacking.

How do you determine pattern selection for a specific room?

First you need to determine what your wallpaper is tying together in your space. In a powder room that lacks style, wallpaper allows you to make a dramatic statement. Add the perfect backdrop to a family room already full of collectibles and furniture that expresses your style. Allow these things to direct you to a more simplistic design that will highlight your furnishings and accessories.

Can wallpaper be used anywhere other than a wall?

Yes, wallpaper can be the perfect accent behind your built-in bookcase, or it can brighten up the back of an old hutch. You can even recover lampshades with wallpaper. Keep in mind that most wallpaper is vinyl coated and very durable which allows you to use it in many ways.

Are there modern and current pattern and color selections for wallpaper?

There are lots of patterns to choose from; however, the most popular designs seem to be those with simple lines. The damask, toile and geometric patterns have become timeless choices. These patterns bring dimension and color while coordinating with busier textiles.

Traditional and trendy contemporary patterns come in a variety of colors. The key is finding what fits your style and your room.

How do you properly prepare the wall for hanging and eventual removal of wallpaper?

Prepping your wall is easy and the most essential step in the process. Make sure the wall is clean, smooth, repaired, dry and sized.

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