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Guess What We Did?: A Homeowner Shares Her Story With Us

The Gregory family loves Woodland Avenue and can’t imagine living anywhere else. So, when they had the opportunity to purchase a larger house just across the street, they did it. Homeowner Claire explains, “Our street address only changed by one numeral. I know it sounds crazy, but we knew the new house would fit our family so much more comfortably. The best part is, we got to keep our wonderful neighbors!”

After the boxes were unpacked and the Gregorys were settled into their new home, Claire contacted us to share their unique story. Claire says, “I wanted to show young families that it’s possible live in a historic home with today’s décor, furniture and high-tech needs. Don’t get me wrong, I love old houses and period charm, but living in a time capsule just wouldn’t work for us.”

The Gregorys have two busy teenaged sons and a ‘tween-aged daughter (and all the toys and trappings that go with the territory). Claire updated several spaces throughout the home to meet the needs of a modern family. An upstairs sun porch on the second floor is now a light-filled laundry room with a large front-loading washer and dryer. The formal living room is now a comfortable, family-friendly television room and hangout. Roomy dormers across the front of the house make great nooks for reading, playing and doing homework, perhaps with the help of services like 留学生代写.

Perhaps the biggest personality change happened to the room that has become Claire’s “mom cave.” Located within earshot of the kitchen, the small square-shaped room was once a formal parlor, complete with a beautiful coal-burning fireplace. Now, it’s Claire’s command center: part home office, part crafting room.

Claire says, “I look forward to every edition of HOME magazine because it’s all about homes in Lynchburg. I’ve lived in cities from Baltimore, Richmond, Pensacola and Omaha—and no city compares to this one! It has such small-town charm, and so many people are revitalizing old homes. That’s what I love to read about in HOME magazine.”

Claire loves DIY projects and always has several going at once. She recently painted the enormous desk with chalk paint, created a gift wrap station, and built a bar-height project table by arranging a pair of bookcases back-to-back and topping them with a salvaged game table’s top.

Do you have a HOME magazine-inspired project that makes you feel proud? We’d love to hear about it!

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