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Donna Dunn

I recently told my daughter, “Wow, 2024 is such a big year!” Not only have we seen a Leap Year, a solar eclipse and my youngest just graduated from high school, it’s also an Olympics year. I remember when people first started streaming and “cutting the cord” became a big thing in 2012, I just couldn’t do it. I had such wonderful memories of watching gymnastics, swimming and track and field as a child during the Olympics; I wanted the same for my kids. I couldn’t figure out how to stream live sports back then, and so we kept our satellite service until the end of that summer. And even though I’m not a big sports person, I love every one of those heroic profiles they share between competitions! Cue the tears — and inspiration! 

Speaking of inspiration … you’ll find some creative ideas in this issue of HOME for celebrating the Olympics and the Fourth of July with American spirit this summer. First, buy up all the red, white and blue annuals to fill those planters! Next, plan an Olympics-worthy party for the whole family. If you or your neighbors have a good garden, you’ll want to be sure to use some of our delicious tomato recipes to add to the celebration. 

Summer, of course, is also a wonderful time to do a little DIY around the house — or escape town entirely. Either way, we’ve got you covered! If you need a little getaway, try a PET-TASTIC one with your favorite pup! We’ve got some fun ideas that are not too far away, but still definitely something to howl about. See what I did there? 

Around the house, think about adding a piece of local art. Local galleries and artists share tips on what to expect in the market and how to commission a special piece over the mantel. Guess what … pet portraits are very on trend! We also cover upgrading your pillows, installing irrigation systems, growing edible landscaping, buying a new area rug and much more! 

Finally, please be sure to read the sweet tribute Carter Heald Bendall shares in celebrating her mother’s house. It exudes beauty and love. Really, what more can we ask of our homes? 

We hope you’ll take HOME along with you to the beach or to France or just out to the patio this summer. Happy reading, my friends! 

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