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Donna Dunn

I have to admit when I edited Paula Peters Chambers’ article in this issue about controlling unwanted critters, I came away from it a bit terrified of getting a bat in the attic. I mentioned the feeling to her. She shared the tip that she found most alarming was if you spy a critter, you should keep eyes on it as you wait for assistance. The reason: you don’t want to lose track of its location. Click here to see more.

I replied, “Well, I can’t imagine just standing there watching the critter. But it probably is good advice. A couple of months ago, our cat caught a mouse. When I saw it in her mouth, I, of course, screamed. The cat dropped the mouse, which then ran off, and I ran out of the room. We still haven’t found it, and I have set traps everywhere. I like to live in the ignorant bliss of thinking it went outside.” 

Paula wisely agreed that the mouse is out of the house — with a wink. This is honestly the kind of great advice I need from HOME writers and sources! And we have some interesting topics in this issue that I think you’re really going to enjoy. 

First up, we have the colors of the year. Each year, Kendall creatively takes us on a tour of what’s trending and how we can tastefully incorporate these into our living spaces. I love the diversity this year and the ways these colors complement and elevate. 

We take a tour of a beautiful showcase home with so many personal touches. The Josephs have handcrafted and collected many gorgeous elements that make their home a unique stunner. You’ll especially enjoy seeing how their travels have informed their style. 

As always, we center our magazine topics on inspiration. As we think about the garden, we begin planning for warmer weather — and hopefully a bounty of vegetables. We also provide a guide to create a bouquet of flowers for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. 

In the area of home improvement, we look at what’s trending in tiles and around the laundry room. We also learn more about today’s solar capabilities and what steps to take if you’re thinking about going in that direction. 

Finally, our LIVE articles explore fun topics from winter sports to cozy soups to the freezing trend of cold plunge pools. While the health benefits appear to be many, are you brave enough to soak in ice? 

I hope you enjoy this issue of our magazine — critter free! Happy reading.

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