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Donna Dunn

Right now as I look out my window, cold rain taps on the glass. While I love the minimalist beauty of winter — the elegant bare branches hanging over a frozen lawn and the slower pace — I cannot help but admire the peach begonia still sharing its blossoms in my sunroom with a hope of spring to come. 

With this issue of HOME, we get to dream together of the spring that is right around the corner. Our Early Spring publication gives us a moment to plan and look forward to what will be, before time speeds up again. Sit for a bit and order — or plant — some seeds and dream of spring or summer poppies. Check out the 2023 colors of the year … the trend is bold!

Luxuriate awhile in our sumptuous articles on velvet, art deco trends and designing with a nod to nostalgia. As we traverse a bit into the glamour of a golden age, we can re-imagine these elements for 2023. The fun of these trends is the ability to make them your own — whether you want to add an accent in velvet or gold or fully deck out your space. 

Take a deep breath and enjoy our showcase home article on Diana Summers’ lovely creekside cottage. She makes the most of her idyllic natural setting with gorgeous hardscaping, landscaping and a woodland garden. While she prioritizes hospitality for her grandchildren, Diana’s lovely style offers design ideas for us all. 

Finally, as we look ahead to warmer weather, we have caught the travel bug. Discover some unexpected spring getaways right here in Virginia. Make sure you pack the right bag with our article on updating your luggage. Or if you’re going to be staying home and want to make some upgrades, consider a fence, or create your own affordable artwork.

Soon we’ll be shedding these coats and gloves and gearing up for full-fledged spring! Until then, happy reading — and planning — my friends!

PS. Don’t forget to listen in to The HOME Show on WLNI 105.9 each Saturday at 9 a.m. Let me know if you have any HOME questions or ideas you’d like us to share. Email me at

Donna Dunn

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