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Donna Dunn

I started thinking about Christmas in July this year. I just couldn’t help myself! When the oppressive heat and humidity overtook me, I daydreamed about lighting a fire, drinking a mug of steaming deliciousness and wrapping myself in a cozy throw. While I tried hard to stay in the present and enjoy those scorching summer days, I’ll admit I may have draped my deck in some twinkle lights to assuage my holiday desires. So you can imagine my delight that we’re now stepping into the cozy season, and I can fully live out my joy in all things winter!

Every year, I start planning early to make the most of the holiday season. I buy gifts that remind me of people I love in August. I address cards in October. I start pushing my husband to decorate as soon as Halloween is done. I am ridiculous! Still, I think starting early with some planning and routine tasks allows me to enjoy the season more — and I want to drink in every moment. So as you hold this issue in your hands in early November, I hope you are inspired by some ideas to enjoy your holidays to the fullest, too! 

First, you’ll want to peruse our gorgeous showcase home. The Hunts’ home is beautiful year round, but during the holidays it is magical. As Carter Heald Bendall writes: Their house is filled with not only lovely items but also beautiful stories of kindness and friendship. Many say, “all roads lead home at Christmas,” and if you are lucky, your road may lead to this house.

Next, check out some ways to make the most of the coziest season. Buy a new throw and style it perfectly for your home — or just snuggle up on cold nights. Discover new ways to display your cherished holiday collections and wrap gifts. Explore a hobby to lift your spirits when the shorter days begin. Learn about ways to treat the feathered friends who are wintering outside your window. Go for a ride and enjoy a tour of barn quilts not far from home. Try your hand at cultivating a moth orchid, which is easier than you might imagine. 

Finally, friends, as you step into this new season, I want to invite you into something new I am doing: Radio! Each Saturday morning, tune into WLNI 105.9 from 9-10 a.m. to hear The HOME Show, where we’ll share inspiring ideas, meet fantastic local folks, and host some giveaways. I welcome your thoughts on the show and magazine! Please share any ideas you have that we can bring to life through James River Media. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,
Donna Dunn

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