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Considering a Kitchen Renovation?

Local designers answer some of the most commonly asked questions as homeowners consider renovating or upgrading their homes.


Moyanne Harding, owner of Interiors by Moyanne

What is the best way to start on a kitchen renovation project?
The first thing that has to be considered is the budget. Are there funds for only a facelift? Otherwise, if you’re doing a complete tear-out and re-do, you may need a crane rental and many other heavy construction equipment. Hiring teloscopic handlers for your renovation will be so beneficial.

Hiring a designer who has experience with kitchen design is crucial, try taking a look at Reborn Renovations homepage and it will save you money in the long run. They will develop a plan that works with your lifestyle and your dream kitchen ideas. Most designers will work by the hour or assist with subcontracting it out, depending on the size of the project.

What is the best quick-fix for smaller budgets?
Painting kitchen cabinets inside and out will freshen them up like new; new hardware is a great finishing touch. Laminate countertops are the least expensive and can be bought in many sizes at your local home store. Sinks and faucets usually can be replaced at the same time. Tile backsplashes can be added for little cost and lots of practicality.

What styles of kitchens will not date themselves?
I believe it’s important to relate the kitchen style to the design and era of the entire home. I always think classic… real stone tops in neutral colors… wood or tile/paver or Acid brick floors in classic colors like gray, terra cotta or beige. You can always add a modern piece of art or rug to create a unique or different feel.

What is the one thing that most kitchens lack?
Great lighting!!! You can never have too much light in a kitchen while you are working. The lights can be put on a dimmer so you can adjust as needed. This one detail makes a huge difference in how a kitchen functions. Again a designer will make sure that lighting is covered in the plan. 
Interiors by Moyanne specializes in kitchens and baths and is always available if you have further questions.
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