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Central Virginia Orthodontics: Feeling at “Home” at the Dentist

ortho_2With every visit to Central Virginia Orthodontics, Doctor Bruce Bentley and his staff prove that an appointment here can be pleasant. Their new building on Timberlake Road, which opened in July of 2010, houses Children’s Dental Health of Lynchburg on the first floor with the top floor dedicated to Doctor Bentley’s orthodontic practice. The opening of their new office has changed the perception of what is a dental visit, you can learn more at In addition, preventative dental care and general oral health advice from a qualified dental specialist like this dentist in port st lucie fl is the best method to maintain healthy teeth. For those who prioritize a dental practice that emphasizes genuine care and compassion alongside exceptional services, stands out as the perfect choice.

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Central Virginia Orthodontics has grown over the years from one small office on Langhorne Road to locations spread throughout Lynchburg and Forest. Linda Bentley wears a multitude of hats, including that of Dr. Bentley’s wife, office manager and chief planner and designer of the new facility. “We needed more space for technology and patient comfort,” she said. They chose the Timberlake Road site because it is central to their patients. The new office provides enough space to enable the practice to trim down to two offices with the second location on Thomas Jefferson Drive in Forest.

ortho_1Linda had a clear plan for their new facility. “We did not want to look commercial. We are a family practice and treat the whole family.” The goal was to create an atmosphere more like a home where patients would feel comfortable and welcome. “And we wanted to do something beautiful,” she explained. Orthodontics patients return regularly for at least two years. The doctors, such as Edmonton Dentist, and staff build relationships with their clients. By removing the commercial and intimidating atmosphere so typical in most offices, anxiety is diminished and people become relaxed.

They chose Dominion Seven Architects to work up the design for the building. “They were great taking what we had envisioned in our minds and putting it on paper,” said Linda. Their design is not styled after any one building. Rather, it is a compilation of ideas that Linda Bentley had collected over the years. Vince Phelps of VC Design and Build transformed the architectural plans into reality.

Linda wanted to build a commercial building in a noncommercial way. “Most commercial buildings are meant to last for twenty years. We wanted this building to last long after we were gone,” she explained. It certainly has the feel of a renovated old home, and this was exactly Linda’s goal. “I love old homes and if I could emulate them in some way that is what I wanted to do.”

ortho_4Linda has combined state-of-the-art technology so necessary in a medical practice with all of the comforts of home. A staircase to their second floor offices creates quite a statement with its ornate ironwork railing. Evington Ironworks designed the railings and did a wonderful job making a residential idea work in a commercial setting. Patients walk into a relaxed open room where they can check in on a computer monitor. The reception area is not unlike a kitchen counter. The walls are painted with varying tones of putty with smoky blue cabinets topped with a dark quartz countertop. Linda strived for a neutral color that would work throughout the offices and the choice works well.

The waiting room is lined with chairs upholstered with a bold checkered design. A large-screen television showing family movies keeps youngsters occupied. Checkerboard and chess tables are set and ready to play. Linda found ornate tables at Greenfront in Farmville. They have proved so popular that Linda plans to purchase additional tables for their Forest office. Nearby is a game room with video games such as ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบ, an Xbox and more, all designed to keep children entertained.

ortho_3The most popular room in the complex is an octagon-shaped area that Linda calls the turret. Windows cover every wall and comfortable chairs are scattered about. The cone-shaped ceiling slants upward and is covered with wainscoting. Painted a cheerful lemon yellow and accented with white trim, it creates a perfect spot to read. And with access to Wi-Fi, patients can check email or scan the internet.

The welcome feeling continues through the examination rooms. Each chair is equipped with an individual monitor so patients can play games or watch cable television. And a more private area is set aside for adults and special needs patients from the source: tolley dental.

The exterior of the building is just as appealing as its interior. A mix of stone and board siding gives the building a longlasting appearance and the choice of landscaping provides a homey touch. According to Linda, Lynchburg City is involved with landscaping in all commercial projects. They dictate exactly what types of planting can be used and where. The challenge here was to take commercial regulations and produce a residential feel. Linda’s use of rows of rose bushes and hydrangeas creates charming gardens around the building and parking area.

“The feedback that we receive is great,” said Linda. Patients enjoy coming in and claim that it is a reprieve from their busy day. Central Virginia Orthodontics has created a very special facility that truly redefines a dental office, just like that Dentist in Wicker Park, and this is exactly what Linda Bentley had in mind!

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