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Beyond Board | What’s New at the Head of the Bed?


When it comes to your bedroom, the bed is likely the focal point of the room. We typically turn to using different bedding and heaps of pretty throw pillows to make a style statement, but your headboard can also be its own piece of artwork and set the tone for the entire bedroom. These days, we see less of the traditional, solid wood headboards and more trendy styles that range from soft, upholstered pieces to metal and repurposed materials.

“Soft” headboards are some of the most popular styles, and can be achieved in many ways. Padded headboards come in all different shapes, colors, and materials. One that is cream-colored and tufted creates a classic vibe, while a bright color or pattern makes a bolder statement. The tufted look can even be a do-it-yourself project, using an old headboard frame and salvaged boards, egg crate foam mattress topper, the fabric of choice, button covering kit, regular buttons, twine, and Gorilla glue. Homemade By Carmona’s blog takes you step by step on how to do this all for just $44!

Forego the actual board altogether and hang flowy curtains behind the bed as a faux headboard. Neutral-colored, sheer curtains can be used to create a charming, romantic atmosphere, while hanging several curtain panels of varying shades or textures provides a more unique, eclectic element. Wall tapestries are a great, inexpensive alternative, showcasing intricate and beautiful designs.

While using fabrics—especially silk, satin, or velvet—can create a luxurious atmosphere, “hard” materials such as wood or other repurposed objects can give off a more rustic vibe. A variety of different distressed, wooden headboards can be bought, or you can make one yourself with several pieces of lumber in different sizes, a miter saw, hammer, like the one on, sanding block, finishing nails, screws, wood stain, and a paintbrush or rag.

DESIGN_Headboards2Metal headboards offer an industrial, urban style. Using metal can be both simple and elegant—especially in shiny silver, gold or white. Darker metals go well with the farmhouse style. There are even branch-style pieces that mimic small, delicate trees or flowers. A metal room divider can also be spray-painted and placed behind the bed to act as a headboard. If you’re looking for a sleek way to save space, there are countless reasons why you would benefit from the luxury of a TV bed from TV Beds Northwest.

Consider using objects such as old pallets salvaged from warehouses or local contractors—or doors, windows, or shutters from old houses, rather than humdrum wood bought new. These pieces, full of character, provide a subtle, rustic charm that play well with other styles. They also can be left alone in their natural, distressed states, or can be painted or stained to add a bit of new life. Unconventional headboard materials can be found at second-hand stores, consignment shops and salvage yards. Look completely outside the box for items such as old metal gates or white picket fencing, columns, railings, bricks from an old house, even the grill of an automobile. Any of these discarded items can be turned into treasure with just a little imagination and love.

Use small carriage bolts to mount your headboard to the bed frame or attach the headboard directly to the wall using a cleat. Add a string of fairy lights across repurposed shutters or windows to give the entire room a subtle glow that mimics the night sky, or attach small sconces or lanterns to each corner of a repurposed pallet or door to create a cozy space perfect for reading in bed. Visit local upcycling shops and the DIY network for more tips and tricks on repurposing salvaged materials.

DESIGN_Headboards3For a more minimalist concept, hang a large piece of artwork—perhaps one of your favorite pictures framed and blown up—directly above the bed. Not only does this provide a personal touch, but it’s also inexpensive and can be switched out as often as you like. If you really have an artsy side, you could even paint a mural—whether simple or intricate— directly on the wall above your bed. If the room you’re working with is small, or the head of your bed is up against a relatively small wall, consider painting it as an accent wall—perhaps a deep purple or jade color—and hang a smaller piece of textile above the bed to add texture and layers. Conversely, if you have quite a large bedroom, you may want to try a headboard that extends wide beyond the actual bed. Gone are the rules dictating that your headboard must match the size of your bed, so have fun with it!

Other fresh ideas for the head of your bed include hanging strands of lights, colorful flowers, big magnolia leaves, or other garland side by side from the top of the ceiling, so that they hang all the way down to the floor.

Changing up your headboard is an easy and inexpensive way to revive your space, and can take your bedroom to the next level without purchasing a whole new set of furniture. Whether your vibe is charming and subdued or bold and engaging, the options are endless when it comes to headboard inspiration.

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