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Colleen & JulieThe best part about being the publishers of Central Virginia HOME is watching and hearing about how the publication is positively impacting our area. With each issue, we have conversations and receive emails detailing how HOME has connected businesses who advertise with us to homeowners who reference us. These success stories inspire us every day, even in this climate of economic uncertainty, motivating us to continue bringing you the best home resources and ideas. Since one of our “Favorite Things” is hearing from you, we’d like to share some of these stories, and we hope you’ll share yours.

“I always enjoy looking at the HOME magazine because of all the different places in town that advertise that I may or may not know about… I have actually saved several of your editions just because of the fantastic covers.”—TD, Lynchburg

“I just got a call from a lady who has had her home on the market, but has had no offers since July. She said she had seen my [business] signs… but not until she saw my photo and ad in Central Virginia HOME did she realize who Nadine Blakely actually was. She wants to meet with me on Tuesday about listing her home. I was SO excited to hear that she saw my ad in your magazine and thought you’d like to hear a story like that!” —Nadine Blakely, ReMax

“I have never written for “Top Drawer” or “Keep it Clean”, so I was perusing the old issues for ideas. It just reminded me of what a wealth of information HOME has. A friend of mine told me that recently; she raved about the amount of practical info that is in HOME.”—HOME Contributing Writer

“I enjoy your magazine very much. I read it from cover to cover and each issue is on my living room coffee table until the arrival of the next which replaces it. Congratulations on an attractive publication of information on home resources and life in Central Virginia.”—RL, Lynchburg

“The publication is professionally designed and the information is pertinent to home situations. The resource gallery provides the consumer with advertisements of excellent businesses and services. As a client, I have received several contacts for my business. The magazine has been circulated outside of my normal networking area. I am proud to say that I advertise in this magazine and I would recommend this publication as an excellent marketing tool.”—Mable Hamlette-Franklin, Mary Kay Director

“I very much enjoy your publication. I look forward to each new issue to see what the cover photo subject will be for that volume. Inside, feature photos are also very well done. High marks go to your photographers—very nice work.”—Gail Thompson, Lynchburg

“Another new customer came in today, this one from Halifax County. They saw our ad in HOME. I don’t know if you put the magazine in Halifax County or not, but they told us where they were from and that HOME was why they were at the store.”—Ross Johnson, Northern Lites

“I absolutely LOVE your magazine! Every issue is interesting and beautiful. The articles are great and the look of the whole magazine is so classy! [Edwana Coleman]… was one of my very favorite art students! …I’m so proud of her!”—Christine Crist, Lynchburg

“I was in the Good Cherry this morning and the HOME rack was empty—one copy left and a woman took that one when I walked over to the rack. The owner told me that it’s HOME magazine that coffee shop readers are taking out the door with them. A month after publication and it’s still a hot property. When I came in with more magazines, several people walked over to get a copy. You would have thought it came out yesterday. Gotta love it!”—LM, Forest

“I saw Patrice Thornhill yesterday, who reported that she had already received several calls as a result of the slipcover article. What is even more impressive is that one customer booked her on the strength of the article alone. When Patrice offered to show samples of her work, the customer said that wasn’t necessary because HOME magazine only features quality sources. This shows that your magazine has credibility. Good job ladies!”—EC, Lynchburg

“Advertising in HOME has been the best marketing decision I have made. I have gotten a total of 14 clients and tons of exposure. If you are on the fence about advertising, especially if you are a business owner, Central Virginia HOME is the only marketing tool that brings you the best results.”—Brian Kenney, Wellness for Life

“As a local business owner for many years, I know that HOME has generated business for me. Sometimes it’s hard to measure what works when it comes to advertising, but HOME is an effective way to keep constant exposure to potential customers and an important part of my overall marketing plan. I also appreciate the consistency of quality and the useful content. It’s nice to know that I can always count on my ad to be good-looking and accurate.”—Jason Nuckols, The Vinyl Porch Rail Co.

“We had a call yesterday that started by saying, ‘I saw your ad in Central Virginia HOME and would like to come by and discuss some renovations and additions to my home in Goode.’ We are meeting with this potential new client today. This is probably the sixth or seventh time that our ad in [the magazine] has led to new contacts. It could even be more than that.”—Ron Driskill, Custom Structures

Remember, “One kind word can warm three winter months.”—Japanese proverb


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