Setting the Mood With Color

Local designers answer some of the most commonly asked questions as homeowners consider renovating or upgrading their homes.

designers_cornerHow do you determine the color palette for a room?

Determining a color palette for a room is actually very simple. First, think about the room and its function. This will help you in selecting colors. For instance, a bedroom should be calming and serene. Colors such as blues and greens work well because they are comfortable and calming colors, evoking a sense of rest. Creating a mood for a room is determined by the color palette. Brights create a space with lots of energy, while neutrals set the mood for calm.

Can I mix many colors in a room?

Mixing colors is what determines the personality of a room. Using colors you like is also important. My advice has always been to choose a main color, then add complimentary colors to it. Using complimentary colors such as pink and green or blue/green and orange can create a mix that works well with the “look” and the function of the room.

Should you work with trendy colors or stick with basics?

Trendy colors are just that…trendy. You can use them if you want a “now” look, but keep in mind that you will probably want to change them once they are not trendy anymore. Classic colors and neutrals are wonderful bases when working with trendy colors. For example, painting a living room in a rich neutral and using purple and orange in accent pillows or a fun throw on the sofa is a great way to incorporate “trendy” colors. Once you are tired of the trend, your basics remain and you only have to change the accents as opposed to the lead colors.

My final advice on using color to create the mood of a room is to do what you love. You are creating personal space in your home for you and your family and it should reflect your life and likes!

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