Meridith Ingram

A peek behind the veil: here at HOME, we work in a state of perpetual anticipation of the next season. It’s fun, because in this way, we always have something to look forward to! We talk holiday meals and wire-ribbon bows as we swat away mosquitos; we write about fire pits and snowy sidewalks while the air conditioner hums along. Only this year, we have the added caveat of planning a winter issue in a time when we don’t know what is going to happen in the world next week, let alone in December.

So, as always, here at HOME we’ll focus on the constant: that the holidays are a time to celebrate what’s important to us, which includes creating comfort and making memories at home. Our feature on holiday hot spots may inspire you to revisit some of your holiday decorations with a fresh eye. Or if year-round sparkle is what you’re after, we offer tips on incorporating goldtoned hardware into your kitchen or bath, and show you how animal prints can bring flair to nearly any space.

In our current cozy, stay-at-home vein, we also offer an article about revisiting game night, pulling out the old classics or trying a new game. Winter weekends call for DIY projects; how about installing some new shelves to create displays and get organized at the same time? Or get a leg up on your holiday gifting with creations from the kitchen. Infused vinegars or spirits in a pretty bottle make a delicious and thoughtful gift. And how about a big batch of sugar cookies? You may think you know how to make these old faithfuls, but food writer Marsha Gale shows us how to make them next-level. A cellophane bag, a pretty ribbon and voila—another gift from the heart. Not feeling crafty? Check out our article on gift plants, the gift of green that gives well into the new year.

In this season of giving, we also look beyond our own homes at ways we can help others. Feature writer Mitzi Bible offers a round-up of several local non-profits whose focus is on alleviating homeless and hunger in our community. We hope this inspires you to lend your support as you are able.

Whether you’re celebrating with extended family and friends in person or from afar, we hope this issue encourages you to cherish the holiday season in the home you work hard to make your own. Thanks for reading!

Meridith Ingram

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