What’s on Your Windowsill

We’ve all been there. You’re at a good friend’s house chatting about what a fun summer it was but “isn’t it great to have the children back in school?” and ...
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Comfort Food Goes Luxe

As the weather turns cooler, our minds turn to comfort foods: hot, cheesy, feel-good foods. When we think of comfort foods, it usually includes a smell, doesn’t it? Meat roasting, ...
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Table Setting 101

In medieval times, meals were served out of a communal pot placed on a table to which diners brought their own knife, spoon and a wooden board called a trencher ...
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Financial Planning Priorities: Retirement vs. College

Retirement Planning is often the key objective when someone seeks the help of a financial planner. Their main objective is figuring out how much money they need to save and invest in order ...
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If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!: Refreshing ‘No-Cook’ Summer Meals

During the hottest summer days, even toasting a slice of bread seems to make the kitchen hotter. During the dog days of summer, I do everything I can to avoid ...
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Punch List: Projects to enhance your summer lifestyle

When George Gershwin wrote the song “Summertime” in 1935, summer was indeed a time when people enjoyed a different pace. As days grew longer and temperatures climbed higher, people took ...
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Spring Showers: Celebrating Milestones with No-Stress Parties

The months leading up to a wedding, birth or adoption of a baby are ones of great anticipation for any couple. Hours and hours are spent in preparation for the ...
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Spring Soup

Sitting by a cozy fire, curled up with a book and a nice hot bowl of soup? No way! Winter doesn’t get all the credit for this delicious and easy ...
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