Pet Peeves: What to Do When Man’s Best Friend Makes a Mess

Pets share our homes, play in our yards, bathe in our tubs, and in many cases, sleep in our beds. They bid us farewell as we set off on a long ...
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Secure It: Options in Monitored Home Security Systems

Home security systems, like other electronics, have many available features and functions, but all systems can be placed into three different categories: wireless, hard-wired or hybrid (combination of both). Each type of system ...
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Ew! What’s That Smell? Organizing Your Fridge for Maximum Freshness

The refrigerator is the workhouse of the kitchen and its busiest days are upon us. It will be required to keep the tailgating treats cold for game watching, the turkey ...
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Outfoxing Summer Varmints: Chemical-free deterrents for common household pests

For many of us, summertime means cookouts, gardening and spending hours soaking up the sun in the great outdoors. However, these warm-weather pleasantries can easily turn nightmarish when pesky varmints ...
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Best Foot Forward: Spruce Up Your Sidewalk

Metaphorically, the walkway leading to the front door of your home is an invitation to ring that doorbell. Metaphysically, the ribbon of concrete, masonry or gravel provides propriety to a ...
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Get Connected: Tips for Making the Most of Your Home Technology

Today’s technology consumers are more connected than ever; through our home computers, TVs, smartphones and more, we are literally never more than a fingertip away from the Internet. Here is ...
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Solve Household Problems with Tools on Your Spartphone

I used to think apps were just games on my smartphone, meant for keeping kids entertained in carpool lines and waiting rooms. But once I started googling the subject, a ...
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Good Moves: Shape Up, De-stress at Home

‘Tis the season of overindulgence, and I don’t mean dancing sugarplums and martinis at the office holiday party. I’m talking about an overindulgence of activities, errands and stress! A daily ...
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